Important General Info Regarding Kambô  and Sacred Frog Ceremony.

Blessings and thank you all for your interest in working with the almighty Kambô medicine to clear and cleanse yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and psychologically. I honor you for taking your health and personal spiritual path serious and will hold the space necessary for you to do your individual special work.

Kambô is the name of a very special healing frog Scientifically known as Phyllomedusa Bicolor or ‘Giant monkey tree frog’. The sacred Frog originates from the Amazon rainforest of South America between Colombia , Peru and Brazil.

Kambô is originally used to help with what the natives call Panema or ‘bad luck’, as well as a medicine used against snake bites ,diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, and to strengthen their immune system.
Hunters would use it for strength, stamina and endurance in the hunt also for a deeper spiritual connection to their intuition and ‘Seeing’ abilities. Originally there were over 50 tribes who worked with the medicine and now roughly between 10-15 tribes still remain in connection with the spirit of Kambô.

A part of what makes Kambô so special is the powerful bio-active peptides within. Up to 7% of the frogs body weight is filled with bio-active peptides, meaning they bind with receptor sites within the brain triggering chemical reaction in the human body. A receptor is like a lock that when opened with the right key will allow healing to happen and energy to flow. It’s like the frog was designed specifically for humans. It is known to be Nature’s most powerful vaccine , strengthening the immune system stronger than ever before.

‘Sapo’ which is the milky secretion that comes from the frog that contains the medicine is applied to small superficial burns to the skin of the person, the effect is immediate as it runs through the lymphatic system.   It is a purgative in many ways usually through vomit, defecating , perspiring , emotional purges which gets out all of the toxins and poisons in your body along with activating every cell in the body to start working properly again and waking up the body , mind and spirit to its best natural potential.
Some of the benefits of working with Kambô are heightened sensory perception , increase in stamina, endurance, physical strength, stronger immune system, less pain , better mood, still mind, higher adaptability to stressful situations and the list goes on….

With more research from scientists the properties of Kambô are known to cover a wide range of potential medical uses such as with Addictions , Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s , depression , migraines , vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, AIDS , hepatitis , Cancer, skin and eye problems and fertility problems in both men and women to name a few. I feel so blessed and honored to be able to share this medicine with others in a safe and responsible way. Kambô is not for everyone and there are a few situations where Kambô is not recommended , if you are on any medication or have any serious health issues please contact me at and we can discuss further about your process.

Diet before Kambô is important and is worth taking seriously.
Drinking Mineral water is best right before NOT Distilled I repeat NOT Distilled water,  lack of sodium in the brain can be dangerous. 1-2 weeks before Kambô  eating a Whole Foods diet mostly raw is recommended. No drugs, alcohol , refined sugars , minimal salt, minimal meat, caffeine free coffee, anything that’s hard for the body to digest should be avoided. Day of Kambô it is recommended to fast other than water and tea for 8-12 hrs before working with the medicine. Also important to hold off on Sex with a partner or self for 1 week before and 3-4 days after. Your sacred sexual energy should be stored and respected. It is recommended to work with Kambôat least 2-3 times in a moon cycle to really clear everything out, then every 3-4 months to stay at your optimal health and to keep your immune system as strong as possible.

This Magical medicine has helped me in countless ways from taking away Chronic back pain, previous injuries fully healed, depression and anxiety have fully lifted , I am more clear about everything in this life and my souls purpose and am over-all a better Father, Medicine Keeper, Human, friend and Lover, student and teacher.

Will be looking forward to meeting and working with whoever is feeling called to this amazingly powerful and needed sacred medicine.